Welcome to Your New Home Life

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    Welcome to Your New Home Life

    We’ve spent years studying how people live, so at Woodside Homes, we’ve gotten pretty good at building the homes people need. Say goodbye to non-existent storage, clutter, and nonsensical floor plans. The home of your needs is finally here.

    Homes That Just Make Sense

    Designing a home that’s built around you and your family’s life needs is just common sense. Woodside Homes works with you to design your home around your life instead of the other way around.

    A Home Designed for Living In It

    Unlock the secret to a clutter-free lifestyle. Or the next-level WFH experience, with doors that lock. Our smart and stylish Living Well Solutions create the home you’ve been dreaming about…and that you need.

    "My husband and I built and bought our first home through Woodside. Being a first time home buyer is scary and we had no idea what we were doing. But Woodside walked us through every step with a professional and amazing kindness."