Temecula, Southern California Communities

Move-In Ready Collection
Temecula, CA

Blossom at Sommers Bend

Starting at $520,500
Master plan community Rec centers Trails Community pool Nearby shopping
Temecula, CA

Discovery at Sommers Bend

Starting at $461,000
Rec centers Master plan community Community pool Nearby shopping
Temecula, CA

Revel at Sommers Bend

Starting at $572,000
Rec centers Community pool Trails
Temecula, CA

Medley at Sommers Bend

Starting at $916,313
Nearby shopping Master plan community Local parks Near dining Trails
Temecula, CA

Upton at Sommers Bend

Starting at $810,000
Community pool Local parks Nearby shopping Near dining Playgrounds

Get To Know Temecula

Discover New Homes in Temecula, CA

If you've always dreamed of residing in the breathtaking landscapes of California, Temecula, situated in Riverside County, offers the perfect suburban haven for your new home. This enchanting city in Southern California not only welcomes you with open arms but also presents an array of enriching activities and attractions, all within a warm and family-friendly ambiance.

Temecula: A Surprising Gem

Though Temecula's population is just above 100,000, don't let its size deceive you. Once you engage our dedicated home builders in Temecula, CA, this city reveals its vibrant character. With its own thriving casino and an impressive expanse of over 3,000 acres of picturesque wineries, it's the ideal location for anyone considering embarking on a wine-tasting adventure. Moreover, Temecula offers abundant opportunities for shopping and a diverse array of enjoyable activities, ensuring there's something for every member of your family to get excited about.

A Woodside Home in Temecula

When your quest leads you to seek new homes for sale in Temecula, look no further than Woodside Homes. Our carefully curated listings ensure you discover the perfect abode to match your unique needs, whether you are an individual seeking solace or part of a family pursuing a shared dream. Each of our distinctive developments showcases its own unique housing style, promising that you'll find a home that resonates with your lifestyle.

The Art of Personalization

At Woodside Homes, we understand the importance of personal choice when it comes to building homes in Temecula, CA. We want you to feel a profound connection with your new space. To honor this, we offer a spectrum of options, empowering you to craft your new home. Begin by reimagining the floor plan to align it with your vision. Whether it's a extra hidden storage in the living room or adding a Drop Zone at the back, we're here to accommodate your preferences. Additionally, we enrich your home with advanced technology and designs, ensuring it caters to the demands of modern living. Should you desire more energy efficiency, enhanced security, or greater convenience, our team is ready to elevate your home design to meet your expectations.

Your Unique Haven Awaits

Choosing a resale home may limit your options, but with Woodside Homes, you have the extraordinary opportunity to create a residence that is both unique and stunning. Your home is a reflection of your hard work, and it deserves to be as gratifying as possible. By collaborating with our experienced team, you can fully embrace the essence of your home, making it an exquisite sanctuary for you and your loved ones.

Embark on Your New Home Journey

Designing a stunning new home in Temecula, CA, while adhering to a budget is not only feasible but also rewarding. Our construction layouts and building processes empower individuals to craft their dream homes cost-effectively. To delve deeper into how we can assist you in achieving your dream of a new home, reach out to us today! Let’s get you home.

Discover New Homes in Temecula, CA