Mobile Application Privacy Policy/Notice At Collection

Effective August 12, 2022

Our Privacy Commitment

Woodside Homes Company, LLC (which together with its affiliates are collectively referred to herein as “Woodside Homes” or “Woodside” or “we” or “us”) is committed to respecting your privacy rights. To promote these values, and to comply with applicable laws, we have established and implemented this Mobile Application Privacy Policy (the “App Privacy Policy) to inform you about how we use and disclose the information we collect. This App Privacy Policy is effective as of the date set forth above and covers our collection, use, and disclosure of information we collect through Woodside’s Field Ops App (the “App”). The terms of this App Privacy Policy will be updated regularly, including when we need to collect new categories of personal information or need to use your personal information for a reason not specified herein, so please check back regularly and note the effective date above. For general information about your privacy rights and how Woodside Homes handles personal information, please refer to the Woodside Homes Privacy Policy available here.

What information do we collect about you and why?

The App will collect your name, email address, phone number, and login information, to allow you to access and use the App, and to enable the App’s functionality. You will be asked to grant access to the camera, photos, and contacts on your device, which allows you to associate photos and third-party subcontractor contact information with the records that you submit to us through the App. If the photos that you submit contain geolocation data, we may use that data to supplement and/or validate the records that you submit to us through the App. Additionally, the App will collect limited system information, including your device’s operating system and memory and/or storage utilization, to assist us with performance monitoring and error handling.

Because the App is provided for our employees to use in performing business functions, we may use the data that we collect to evaluate employee performance in accordance with Woodside Homes’ employee handbook, device policies and other employment policies as applicable. For more information on how we might use such information, please refer to the woodside Employee Privacy Notice and applicable employment policies, which have been made available to you separately. To the extent that this App Privacy Policy may conflict with the express terms of Woodside’s employment policies, the latter shall control.

We may also use information that you provide about third-party subcontractors or suppliers, including photo and geolocation data, to evaluate and manage Woodside’s relationships with such subcontractors or suppliers. How do we collect information about you?

Other than the limited system information described above, we will only collect the personal information that you affirmatively provide through the App. We do not extract, access or store your photos or contacts except those that you select to submit through the App interface.

Who do we share your information with and why?

We share the personal information described in this App Privacy Policy with third parties as necessary to enable the functionality of the App. This includes transmitting information to secure cloud data storage providers for data handling purposes, and to our telephony providers for text message generation. Our agreements with these providers require that they protect your personal information consistent with this App Privacy Policy and our legal obligations. Your personal information may also be shared with affiliate and subsidiary entities of Woodside Homes when necessary to facilitate our business operations. Woodside Homes does not sell personal information.

How can you withdraw your consent?

You can revoke the permissions that you grant to the App as described in this App Privacy Policy by changing your device settings. See your device and/or operating system documentation for details on how to do this. Be advised that revoking permissions may limit the App’s functionality.

You can entirely withdraw your consent to us collecting your personal information by uninstalling the App from your device.

If you are an employee of Woodside Homes and your assigned job duties require use of the App, you are hereby advised that uninstalling the App, limiting the App’s functionality, or refusing to use the App may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.

How long do we retain your data?

The information that we collect through the App is vital to our business operations, and therefore we will retain your personal information as long as necessary for the purposes set out in this App Privacy Policy. This time may be extended when necessary to comply with our legal obligations, resolve disputes, and enforce our legal agreements and policies.