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Our homes are designed to keep the water pure, the air clean, and your family healthy. We’ve curated the products and features that promote wellness for you, your family, and the planet. Live happily. Let us do the rest.
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Zero Energy Ready: The future is here

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zero energy resizeA Zero Energy Ready home is 40-50% more efficient than a standard new-construction home and improves health, comfort, safety, and the value of the home. What’s more, Woodside Homes is committed to being 100% Zero Energy Ready by 2025—which is a really big deal for the future of the planet, and your pocketbook. All About Zero Energy >

9 Ways We Build Health Into Your Home

Our Partnerships

We’re dedicated to making your home as healthy and eco-friendly as possible. Our partnerships are a testament to that commitment.

Energy Star

Save energy, save money, and produce fewer greenhouse gases in an efficient home.

EPA Indoor airPLUS

Advanced ventilation keeps the air in your home clean, reducing your exposure to contaminants.

WaterSense Certification

Live green by conserving the blue in an EPA-certified home that uses up to 20% less water.

Zero Energy Ready Home

Our eco-friendly homes are 40-50% more efficient than standard new builds.


With a focus on sustainability, LEED-certified homes are more efficient, less toxic, and hold more value.

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We want you to have all the information you need to make an informed decision for your family. Download the brochure below for more technical details on our Healthy Homes features.
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