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As we adapt to at-home work and learning, multitasking is a curse and a blessing—there are chores, home projects, and distractions in the same space where deadlines and deliverables loom. When you work at home and live at work, productivity can be challenging. Woodside homes are designed to help you manage every day like a pro—and make the most of having everything under one roof.

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Woodside Work+Space is a series of select homes designed to help you get the job done your way. Whether that means dedicated home offices, multifunctional rooms to take you from work to play, nooks and lofts reimagined with built-in desks and shelving, or homes with strong Wi-Fi signals in every room, these communities are customizable and crafted to seamlessly fit in with your space-and your lifestyle.

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We have used previous builders before and thought we knew what a quality build and experience was ... our eyes were opened after having experienced Woodside Homes!

James B.

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