Our Buyers Say It Best

Building a new home can seem like a complicated undertaking. There are so many decisions to make, so much time invested, and so much attention to the details that make the difference between a "house" and a "home."

At Woodside, our primary goal is to help our buyers on this journey, by becoming more than "just the builder;" it's our mission to make this important time a great one -- to make the choices easier, to exceed expectations, and to provide help when needed, long after the moving is done and the family is settled in.

On this page, we invite you to browse some reviews from real Woodside Homeowners -- learn about their journeys and what it was like to work with us!

We love that it's so open. I imagine myself cooking in the kitchen, and I can see my kids playing upstairs.

The Davis Family, Vineyard, UT

I'm most excited to see our options come out in this crisp, clean look.

The Davis Family, Vineyard, UT

I was trapped! The Super... hopped my fence, brought a ladder, climbed up through my master bedroom... He had rescued me out of my bedroom from my child.

Ashly G., Ontario, CA

[The sales agent] said we had better move quick, because it's gonna be taken quick. And here we are today.

The Gunter Family, Murrietta, CA
I walk into that bathroom and it is just like heaven. It's just beautiful. It's my sanctuary. The Dixon Family, Ontario, CA
It's just perfect for my lifestyle. You gave me what I wanted, what I was looking for. Wayne M., North Las Vegas , NV
We didn't make this decision lightly. We really took our time, and researched... and made sure Woodside was the right place for us. The Perez Family, Saratoga Springs, UT
We probably enjoy most having that family space to have our barbecue... and the kitchen... being able to have really nice meals in the kitchen. The Taboada Family, Chino, CA
[The sales agent] just went above and beyond that she ever had to. She came in and took pictures, went back, emailed us... everything that same evening. That was like "WOW." That was great service. The Maurice Family, Murrietta, CA
The location... the design... it just all was a good fit. I still come home at night and think, "Wow," I'm so excited about being here. The Way Family, Las Vegas, NV
I was impressed by the simple design. You have the freedom to choose what you want. The Eusebio Family, Las Vegas, NV
The homes had everything we liked... the features, the neighborhoods, the square footage... just everything. The Bor Family, Roseville, CA
When I walked into the model home, I immediately felt like someone who had a child had designed it. Our daughter can drag her toys out, and I can see her from every window of the house. The Smith Family, Rocklin, CA
It's the little things, where you're like, "Oh wow! This is standard? It just comes like that?" That's why we chose Woodside. The Haberly Family, Gilbert, AZ
Something about the entire experience from the first moment felt right, unlike any of the other builders I had visited. I just knew that this was it. Nahren Y., Peoria, AZ
The folks here at the Brookfield community, they're what won us over. They connected with us on a personal level. They eased our concerns right away The Gilbert Family, Clinton, UT
As soon as we walked into the houses, we knew that it was the perfect fit for us. My fiancee was excited just to be in the house, and start building our lives together. And this is the perfect house to do it in. Jacqueline P., Bakersfield, CA
I felt like "This is it! This is our place!" I knew Woodside was the place for us... for our dream home. The Bernal Family, Visalia, CA
Everything we wanted to renovate [our old home] was here. So it made sense to get a new home. The Cui Family, Tulare, CA
Being around the Woodside homes, I feel like we have a team behind us. It's not just the way they treat you to get you in, and give you your keys, and you're done. It's the stuff they do afterwards. The Hamid Family, Tulare, CA
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