Using the Pantone Color of The Year in Your Home

Your home is a reflection of your personal style. It’s a place where you can experiment with trends and express yourself in color, texture, and design. Whether you’re a slave to fashion or just like to keep things feeling fresh, Living Coral—Pantone’s color of the year gives you a new source of design inspiration. 

This tantalizing blaze of crimson-peach is a classic that can be incorporated into your home in as bold or understated a manner as you choose. 

Deck the Walls

If you’re brazen and unafraid of exuberant color, a full room drenched in pigment or an accent wall can make a tremendous statement. Living Coral is sure to add some excitement to a breakfast nook or a rosy glow to a bathroom or entrance. If going big isn’t your thing, consider a subtle piece of wall art to showcase this nautical tint.

Bedding and Drapes

If committing to a paint job is too messy an undertaking, perhaps incorporating some broad brushstrokes of coral with your household fabrics will better suit you. A bright, trendy duvet cover set is sure to liven up any bedroom, along with some coral curtains that can add a little drama to any room.

Textiles and Fabric Accents

When you want a little low-profile splash of coral at the table, consider placemats, luscious linen napkins, or a tablecloth with coral touches. For some low-key coral underfoot, try a coral toned rug or bathmat. A bath towel set, a throw, or some accent pillows are another classy way to add this must-have color to your home. The beauty of these options is that they can be tucked away and brought out whenever the whim strikes you.

Living Touches

Your plants and flowers can lend some of the rosy-orange flourishes you want to reflect the most celebrated color of the year. Depending on where you live, the Diascia ‘Sun Chimes Coral’ can serve as a shrub at your entryway or as a smaller plant in your window boxes. For a more exotic touch of the inspiring hue, LawnStarter suggests a Baja Fairy Duster for those in warmer climates. The Baja Fairy Duster blooms resemble fireworks for a low maintenance floral touch to any patio or room. Many inspiring gardeners will suggest an elegant orchid or a spray of tuberose can liven up an otherwise quiet setting, and a bright coral vase or flower pot can contrast flowers or foliage perfectly.

Small Statement Objects

Never underestimate the potential for small, tastefully curated objects to make powerful statements. A magnificent hydrangea wreath can exuberantly greet your guests, or a modern wall clock in coral can show off your taste in the beautiful and useful way. Both new and vintage dinner plates, pitchers, saucers and kettles can be found in this hue—a testament to its timeless appeal.

Furniture and Appliances

If your love of Living Coral cannot be denied and you want to take it to the next level, you could start with a small appliance like a toaster or mixer. If your budget is a little bigger and you’re looking to make a commitment, there are plenty of coral appliances and couches to choose from.  

No matter what your personal tastes or style, bringing a little (or a lot) of Pantone’s Living Coral into your home is a surefire way to show you’re keeping up with the hottest trends while maintaining a look that’s a timeless classic.


Image source: Pantone