Tips for a Stress Free Move

Happy May! If this blog could come with a soundtrack, today’s song would be “I like to move it,” by (My littlest loves the 2nd Madagascar film. I dare you to try to not get that chorus stuck in your head).

May is National Moving Month, and I’m here to help you home with some of my favorite tips for making moving less stressful and more organized. While you may not be moving in May, this is a great list to bookmark for the future.

1.      LABEL EVERYTHING. Nothing makes moving more chaotic than unlabeled boxes. Label your boxes on multiple sides, referring to what’s inside as well as what room in your new house they should be delivered to. Creating a numbering system adds even more clarity to the chaos.

2.      BETTER YET, SPREADSHEET. Keep a spreadsheet that corresponds with your numbering system. This will help you keep organized, but more importantly, alert you immediately if a box is misplaced. I’ve never met anyone who didn’t lose SOMETHING during the moving process. This helps you avoid that!

3.      AVOID SPILLS. Everyone hates when something leaks inside a box and ruins everything inside. To prevent this, cover the tops of any open toiletries with saran wrap, then screw the tops back on! That way, even if they open up, nothing will spill out!

4.      SANDWICH BAGS AREN’T JUST FOR PB&J. Use sandwich bags to store and label any sets of nails, screws, or small pieces that you accumulate when breaking down/deconstructing furniture, painting, etc.

5.      OUT WITH THE OLD. Moving provides an incredible opportunity to de-clutter . Along with the moving company, schedule a pick up by a local charity for donated items as well as a hauler for trash.

6.      PHOTO OPS. Take photos of how your wires are connected to your electronics to make it WAY easier to re-connect in your new home. Or wrap masking tape on each one and label what goes where.

7.      TWO WORDS. OVERNIGHT BAG. Pack yourself and your family members an overnight bag that has all the essentials you will need in the first day or two after moving. That way, after a long day of moving, you won’t be stressed about unpacking the night you arrive in your new home. You might want to pack an “overnight box” as well with kitchen and food items so you don’t have to dig for it after a long move in day.

Hope these tips help make moving easier on you. Congrats on the new home!

Here to help you move,