Stylish Ways to Decorate Your Home Office

Now that you’re working from home creating a suitable workspace is a necessity. If you’re going to spend a big chunk of your day there, your home office better be a comfortable spot where you can focus and feel inspired. 

All you need is a little creativity and the right tips to make an appealing and functional home office. We’ve got the tips covered below—you bring the creativity.

Choose a design theme

Choose a design theme that blends personal style and practical elements for your home office. A design theme should anchor your home office’s overall look. 

Bohemian: Consider a Bohemian design theme if you need a calming work environment that can help reduce your stress levels, especially if you have a demanding job. Try to incorporate neutral colors such as beige, cream, and tan in your design. Keep the decor minimal, and throw a jute rug on the floor to complete the Bohemian look. 

Moroccan: If you want your home office to have a more vibrant yet casual aesthetic, a modern Moroccan design theme is a smart option for you. It makes use of rich colors with touches of gold or brass decor. Add low lighting from a desk lamp or a floor lamp, and add a Moroccan-style rug to create the right mood.

Minimalist: The most distinct feature of a minimalist design theme is keeping it clutter-free. This design theme encourages you to use a simple color palette of black, grays, or other natural shades, including a simple white desk for contrast. Put a lamp or plant on the desk, and you’re a minimalist. 

Keep it functional

When designing your home office, always think about its primary purpose. Design your office space with functionality in mind. Your home office should be a place where you can be productive as well as comfortable.

Add wall to wall storage: If you need a lot of storage for your work files, including wall-to-wall storage in your home office is a smart way to maximize your space. You can add a bit of styling to your wall storage by putting a few decorative items on top of it.

Look for stylish storage: Yes, get some storage, but make sure it’s stylish to elevate the look of your home office. You can go with mid-century sideboards, open shelving, or simple drawers with a gloss finish.

Install a magnetic blackboard or cork pinboard: If you plan to do some brainstorming or want to put your ideas on a board, try installing a magnetic blackboard or a cork pinboard. Go with dark and moody colors for your magnetic blackboard, or put the cork pinboard above your desk to easily see it while you are working. Both are inexpensive yet effective design touches that will allow you to work more efficiently.

Choose colors wisely

Color plays an important role when decorating a space. Set the tone for your day-to-day with the right colors.

Go for an energizing color scheme: Choosing vibrant colors for your home office will bring a vibrant energy to your space. Try peacock blue, magenta pink, or sunny yellow. If you don’t want too much color, try painting an accent wall and adding a few décor items that jive with that color.

Add a pop of color: Skip painting the walls, and add your color via your décor items. Investing in a few colorful pieces will bring your space to life.

If you want to be bold, consider velvet chairs in warm coral pink or Persian style rugs in blues and pinks. Houseplants can add a touch of green to your surroundings, and brass accessories will make your space appear more luxe.

Consider the size of your space when choosing colors: If you have a large office, try a deep and rich paint color to make it feel cozier. Colors such as dark blue, forest green, or rich plum would go well with a large room. To complete your home office’s look, add dark wood furniture, brass lighting, or a thick high-pile gray rug.

If you have a smaller office, you can make it appear spacious by using lighter colors. An all-white scheme will allow light to bounce around your office, making it feel bright and airy. Try adding a brass-framed mirror and tan leather desk chair to add depth and character to your office as well. 

Work with patterns and textures

These fun design elements will increase the comfort factor in your home office. They can unify the other design elements to make your space appear more welcoming.

Work in textures: To add texture to your room, put a woven rug on your floor or a sheepskin on your desk chair. Mixing design pieces with different textures such as rattan baskets, velvet curtains, or copper lamps can lend a layered look to your home office design.

Explore patterned rugs: A patterned rug is an excellent way to create an impact in your home office. The pattern and color will add depth to your space’s overall design. You can use a uniquely patterned rug as a centerpiece and keep the rest of your area simple so that it stands out more.

Maximize your available space

Your workspace should offer flexibility, allowing you to do a variety of activities in it.

Turn an alcove into a mini office: If you don’t have a spare room that you can use as your dedicated home office, try using an alcove. Mount a desk on the wall without legs and add built-in shelving, and you’ve got a mini office!

Zone your space: If you’re working in an open-layout room, try zone it, which involves separating your workspace from the other parts of the room. The most effective zoning trick is to define your space by placing an area rug under a piece of furniture. For example, you can put your desk on top of an area rug to indicate that it’s your workspace.

Create a space that’s easy to switch up: Try changing the design of your home office from time to time to make your space feel fresh. You can buy a few low-cost décor items that you can easily swap out when seasons change.

For example, you can use striped cushions in the summer then switch to velvet in the winter. You can bring out a jute rug during warmer months and change it to a fluffy Berber-style rug during colder months.

Don’t forget the details

You can make your office appear more polished and finished by incorporating small design details.

Create a cozy finish: Add soft furnishings to your home office to make it feel cozier. Details such as a cushion on your desk chair or blanket over the backrest can make you feel more comfortable while working. Think about adding little comforts that will make you want to spend time in your workspace.

Add some greenery: Houseplants are a great addition to any space and will help breathe life into your home office. Different types and sizes of plants can add variety and color to your workspace.

Add charming vintage pieces: Vintage pieces can add charm to your home office. A vintage desk or a large sideboard can make your space feel more welcoming. Try mid-century decor to give your office space a vintage look. 


Want more tips? Try these home office décor ideas, and then learn how to make good use of your home office space.