Seven Tips to Tidy Up That Garage!

 The official definition of “garage” is: noun: a building for housing a motor vehicle. 

My current definition of “garage” is noun: a building for housing a motor vehicle, a broken treadmill, two long-outgrown tricycles, boxes of dated holiday décor, an abandoned papier mache solar system project, expired paint, and a rug I’ve intended to get professionally cleaned for the last three years. This is why I want to celebrate National Clean Out Your Garage Day with you! 

When we think about big organization projects, it’s always about spring cleaning. But, now that we’re back from summer vacations and settling in for a beautiful fall, what better time is there to clear out that garage? 

Check out these 7 tips to help you get started:

  1. BE ORGANIZED FROM THE START. Set aside a weekend to tackle the project, and get the entire family involved. Assign everyone a task and try to make it fun! Designate competitions, blast some music, or plan for a garage sale as a financial incentive.
  2. INVEST IN SHELVING. If you don’t already have shelving or organizational units in your garage, buy some new shelves or racks to maximize storage space. If you want to skip the installation process, look into commercial baker’s or kitchen racks.
  3. USE THE “ONE-OF-THREE” DESIGNATION. Every item in your garage should be categorized as “keep,” “trash,” or “donate/sell.” This makes it easier to make decisions.
  4. ORGANIZE ITEMS BY USE. For example, all tools should be kept in close proximity, holiday decorations should be stored together, and so on. This will make it easier to store and find down the road.
  5. MOVE IT QUICK. Take everything you’ve put in the “donate” pile to a donation center immediately. Otherwise, it will just sit in your garage and encourage more clutter (I’ve experienced this). Better yet, schedule a charity to pick up your items.
  6. ORGANIZE TO MAXIMIZE FUNCTION. Store things that you use infrequently further out of reach, and keep daily use items, such as sports equipment, in a more accessible location.
  7. SPICE IT UP! To add something fun to a “blah” space like the garage, think about painting a wall or the floor. 

Happy cleaning! 

Here to help you de-clutter, 


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