Plan Your Family Game Night!

School is out and the days are long. If your family is like mine, summer downtime means the tech devices are being used in overdrive!  


Getting kids to unplug is tough. However, it’s critical to give our eyes and brains a little break from those glowing screens for our mental health and happiness. It’s a good reminder for us adults too!


One of the best ways I can pull the focus away from screens is bringing back family game night. It can be hard to get that board-game mojo going, but I promise, 10 minutes in and you’ll feel like a kid again.


Family game night provides a unique, learning opportunity for young children by developing their team building and group communication skills. Strategy driven games will teach children how to tackle problem solving. In general game night provides that essential life lesson of being a good sport.


Here are some tips for planning your family’s game night.

  1. Plan in advance - Letting the family know when to expect game night adds to the anticipation and ensures homework is done, commitments are cleared, and the DVR is taping that can’t-miss show.
  2. Set the mood - When my family participates in family game night we light candles and play some music the whole family can tolerate.
  3. Reward the sportsmanship - not the wins - to keep the whole experience copacetic.


Family game night will strengthen relationships by creating endless memories and laughs. 


Enjoy! And please share your game night experiences with us on our Facebook page:


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Plan Your Family Game Night!