Home Maintenance Tips That Save You Money

Most first-time homebuyers think buying a home is the most expensive stage. As any seasoned homeowner knows, owning the home can also be pricey. The second you get the keys, you’re on the hook for the property’s maintenance and repair needs. From repainting the walls of your kitchen to fixing a roof leak, you’re now responsible for protecting your investment—no matter the cost. 

In this article, we’ll break down several ways to save on your home’s maintenance, both now and in the future. We’ll review the benefits of preventative maintenance and discuss several DIY-friendly maintenance projects that can help you cut down on your expenses. There’s even a great infographic!

Invest in preventative maintenance

Every homeowner should set aside some money to pay for their home’s preventative maintenance. After all, homes require regular upkeep. Taking care of your home can pay dividends. For every dollar you put into your home’s maintenance today, you could be saving yourself hundreds of dollars in repairs down the road. 

Start with the most critical parts of your home: your roof, your pipes, your foundation, and your HVAC systems. You’ll want to do just about everything you can to prevent disaster in these areas. Plumbing, electrical, and structural repairs are not only incredibly expensive, but also represent a significant risk to your home and its future value. 

For instance, have a roofing professional take a closer look at your roof annually and assess its overall condition. If they note any missing shingles or damaged underlayment, take action and have them fix the problem as soon as possible. Catching roofing problems early is the single best way to prevent the damage—and cost!—of a roof leak. 

A leak of this sort can trickle down (pun intended), impacting many other aspects of your home. Ceiling drywall can crumble apart when wet and need replacing, which includes mudding and painting—all expensive. Your health can be at serious risk as well due to mold that can grow from excessive moisture caused by a roof leak. If fixing drywall is expensive, imagine fixing your lungs!

Schedule seasonal tune-ups

Just like your roof, a properly functioning HVAC system protects your home from damage and keeps you happy. In the winter, your furnace keeps you cozy and comfortable while also ensuring your pipes don’t freeze. In the summer, your air conditioner cools you down and balances the humidity of your home—excessive humidity can cause mold and damage to belongings. An HVAC breakdown can be incredibly inconvenient and expensive, especially if you end up needing to replace the entire system (think thousands). 

Give your trusted HVAC pros a call and schedule both a spring AC tune-up and a fall furnace checkup. Professional tune-ups aren’t just recommended—just like your car and oil changes—they’re a necessary and critical part of system upkeep. This maintenance has several benefits. In addition to helping you avoid winter or summer breakdowns, a tune-up will boost your system’s energy efficiency, saving you money on your heating and cooling costs. In the long run, annual maintenance also plays a role in extending the life of your system.

Take on DIY-friendly maintenance

Not every home project is tailor-made for homeowners to do themselves. In fact, the critical areas of maintenance outlined above should be handled by licensed contractors—you don’t want to take any risks with your home’s plumbing! However, there are many maintenance projects that you can tackle yourself, so long as you have the time. Here are a few items that fit this “do-it-yourself” approach. 

  • Roof review: Definitely have the professionals do their annual review as suggested, but between visits, you have some homework to do. Read here.
  • Landscaping: Keeping your yard in pristine condition might mean giving up a Saturday every month. But, by taking care of your own lawn and landscaping, you can save hundreds of dollars every year that would have otherwise been spent hiring someone to do the work for you.
  • Painting: As any homeowner knows, painting a room is a lot of work. But, it’s not hard to do it right and get a great-looking space out of it when you’re finished. Take on your own painting to cut out the need for contractors and save money.
  • Cleaning: Are your home’s carpets in desperate need of a rejuvenation? Instead of hiring a professional, rent a carpet cleaner from your local hardware store and take on this deep cleaning yourself! So satisfying.

Find additional ways to save

Looking to tighten the financial belt and lower your home’s upkeep and repair costs? By focusing on both preventative maintenance and DIY-friendly projects, you’ll put your home on the road to long-term, sustainable savings. 

For other ways to save money with effective home maintenance, check out this helpful infographic. It breaks down how much homeowners save, on average, by taking on their own maintenance and improvement projects.