Home for the Holidays: How to Get Your Home Ready for the Big Day

Whether you love the holidays or dread the stress, they’re heeeeeeere!! To curb any “holiday anxiety,” I’ve put together some of my favorite tips to help you get your home prepared for enjoying time with friends and family.  

1.  Fix What Needs Fixing

No one wants to ruin a holiday celebration with a visit to the ER! Prevent any accidents by fixing the odds and ends around your home. Screw down loose deck boards. Use double sided tape with slippery rugs. Tighten any and all loose handrails.

If snow is common near your home, pick up some rock salt and an extra shovel. If young children are expected to visit, purchase childproof locks for your cabinets. Preparing for the holidays is all about thinking ahead and stopping mishaps before they happen.

2. Clean & Organize

The first step to take is to clean and organize your home! Your guests will likely spend the most time in the living room or the kitchen. It’s crucial to tackle these rooms first! Stow away any clutter and consider deep cleaning your carpets. Perhaps the most important room to clean is the bathroom. Sanitize and scrub your bathroom before any guests arrive. If you can, lay out extra towels for potential visitors. I would start this process a few days beforehand. Give yourself one less thing to worry about when guests are knocking on your door. Once you feel confident that your house is spick and span, you can focus on the little tweaks and last but certainly not least, the decorating!

3. Decorate Your Home

Decorating is my favorite part! There’s nothing like seeing your home come to life with wreathes, lights, and yummy smells.  However, decorating can be cumbersome if you don’t have any helping hands around the house. Enlist a few members of your family if you’d like! Set aside a Saturday to DIY some festive wreaths, handcraft some ornaments, and hang Christmas lights, the more lights the better. My family loves to help decorate the house and it’s a great way to bring the family together beforehand for some quality bonding time.

Fall and winter have some of the best scent options in my opinion. Various spices, berries, and pumpkins all smell delicious and can make visitors feel more comfortable. Make your own potpourri or buy a new gingerbread cookie candle to get just the right aroma to cozy up your home.

Lastly, invest in a few holiday-themed decorations. Seasonal throw pillows, blankets, and décor are a must. Who doesn’t love a nice fuzzy blanket to snuggle up in? I know I do. These pieces can make a home feel special and welcoming during the chaotic holiday season.

I wish you all a safe and joyful holiday season.