Five Ways to Take Family Time Outdoors

It seems like kids these days spend all their time in front of a screen, whether they’re playing video games with their friends, texting, or doing homework on a computer. If you’re in the same boat with them, maybe it’s time to chart a different course and get outside.

Studies show that spending time in nature benefits your physical and mental health. Imagine a backyard that allowed you to do a range of outdoor activities that will not only get you away from the screens for a bit but boost your wellbeing together! A family that gets out together stays happy together!

With a Home Oasis by Woodside Homes, you can live somewhere that lets you embrace nature and reap its benefits daily. These homes are designed to combine the convenience of your residence with the beauty of the environment.

Take family time outside with these easy ideas:

Sit by the fire

The sights and smells of a backyard campfire trigger strong feelings of wellbeing that few other things can. There’s something undeniably alluring about that smoky, natural scent. Because of the intimate setting of an outdoor fireplace, you can create all sorts of special memories by doing activities like:

  • Roasting marshmallows, hotdogs, and making s’mores
  • Telling stories and singing songs
  • Appreciating your surroundings

An outdoor fireplace is a great way to bring the family together; it’s a great distraction for all ages, something our busy lives need.

Relax on the back patio

A covered or enclosed back patio is an ideal spot for a mini staycation together—take in some fresh air and natural, rejuvenating sunlight while having a good time. You can read while your kids do their homework or study. Or bring everyone together to play a game or chat about your days.

If your home doesn’t have a covered or enclosed patio, a great way to get a similar effect is with large windows or a big multi-slider patio door. Double or triple-pane glass provide better insulation and more noise-canceling. Still, overall, the effect you’re going for is the addition of lots of natural sunlight and an increased view of the great outdoors. Check out five benefits of being close to nature here.  

Get into gardening together

Get your hands dirty and start a garden with the kids. You’ll have a fun, bonding moment together, and they’ll love to watch things grow (it might even convince them to eat their vegetables!). And why not take advantage of the many health benefits of gardening as well.

Besides the fact that gardening is categorized as light to moderate exercise (raise your hand if you’ve felt sore after gardening), studies show that gardening improves your mood, increases your self-esteem, and lowers anxiety. Sounds like a wellbeing maintenance practice we all could use at times.

While you’re in the yard, take a break from the garden and have a family picnic, start a game of soccer, or have a scavenger hunt. The possibilities for your backyard family time are endless.

Use your outdoor kitchen

Who says that cooking needs to be indoors? With a Home Oasis, you have the space to build an outdoor kitchen. Install a built-in barbeque, pizza oven, and mini-fridge, and you can stay al fresco until the cows come home or until the kids have to go to bed.

Getting the kids involved in cooking in this unique way is a great way to spend time with them and is certain to make some memories. The best part about this kind of family night? After all your hard but fun work, you can sit down together and enjoy a delicious, home-cooked meal together.

Spending most of our time indoors and in front of screens is all too common and can start to feel redundant. Shake things up by moving your family time outside. Take advantage of all the features that a Home Oasis has to offer, and build lasting memories and closeness.


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