Announcing Maintenance Monday

In our busy 24/7 lives, helpful reminders can be welcomed blessings. We have those little decals on our windshields to let us know when to change our oil. My family receives friendly postcards - featuring a toothy Cheshire cat - from our dentist when are due for a teeth cleaning to the chagrin of my children. our phones are programmed with obliging salerts and chimes for all of our daily calendar appointments.

However, our greatest purchase and [literally] largest possession - our home - does not have the mechanisms to let us know when they need a little TLC.

As ambassador for Woodside Homes and a homeowner myself, I consider myself a house advocate. Our homes are our havens. They shelter the people we love and serve as the backdrop for our fondest memories. Our homes are also perhaps the most important investement for our financial future and wellbeing.

So it only makes sense that we return the good care our homes provide us by nurturing and fostering their upkeep and longevity. That's why each week I will be posting little "nudges" and helpful hints to keep your house in ship-shape.

Please know, I completely understand (and empathize)... you already have enough on your plate.

That's why I will be offering timely, 'bite-size' approaches to maintaining an attractive, clean, and well-funcitoning home. Investing 15 mintues to an hour in weekly household maintenance saves time and money in the long run... and contributes to an efficient and healthy home environment.

Since Monday is the day of productivity J, check-in each week for my 'Maintenance Monday' suggestions on Facebook. This is an open forum, so please send your photos and share your own discovered tips. Bring in your friends to the discussion. The more the merrier.

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Announcing Maintenance Monday
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