"What's My Design Style?" Take Our Style Quiz

When it comes to home décor, what design style are you? 

Sometimes this can be a difficult thing to self-assess. We become the style of gifted art, inherited furniture, or we adapt to the era of our homes and residences.   

When you’re buying a new house it is the PERFECT time for a little style exploration on your individual design aesthetic. Woodside Homes has a nifty survey that tells you your style whether it is eclectic, classic, or contemporary! 

Turns out, I’m eclectic. Eclectic design is all about mixing pieces from different time periods and eras, and putting them together in a harmonious fashion. According to my survey results, “taking antique pieces and mixing them with abstract art is what the beauty of an eclectic style thrives on.” The texture, color, and finish of all the pieces are the uniting factors that bring each element together. 

Finding this out about myself has been enlightening. Now I know I don’t have to be all “matchy-matchy” with patterns, and some of my old relics can actually work with new pieces. 

Find out what kind of space speaks to you. This does not have to trigger a home design overhaul, but it can guide you as you add new pieces and fabrics to your home interiors. 



In more ways than one, I’m here to help you home,