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Imagine your choices all set out before's all here at our Inspiration Gallery and it's right in your neighborhood! Drop in any time! Whether your style is Classic, Eclectic, Contemporary, or a mixture of all three, you'll find something just for you at Woodside Homes. Our collections make interior design choices simple by providing three unique yet flexible options in warm and cool color palettes to suit your vision.

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My Style Profile is Eclectic!

Eclectic-Mixed, matched, harmonious. Antique pieces, one-of-a-kind finds, abstract art-all working together seamlessly through color, texture and finish. A blank canvas excites you. Your inner artist immediately begins imagining a vision that your can bring to life. Your personality dictates the composition of your home, creating a surprise here and a soothing moment there. How you'll achieve the balance is in the cards. Use samples from our inspiration gallery to establish the backdrop for your finest work - your home.